Top 10 Summer Decor Trends for 2021

May 24, 2021

Top 10 Summer Decor Trends for 2021

Looking for some easy ways to refresh your home for the 2021 Summer season? Look no further for fun designer tips and ideas!

Adding seasonal decor and color schemes is a fun way to mark new seasons and freshen up the home. Below we have compiled the Top 10 Trends and Tips for 2021.

Looking for summery wall art inspiration?  We rounded up our top art prints that capture that laid back summer vibe in our blog Wall Art: Sunny Summer Prints.


1. Pops of color

Colorful pillows on living room sofa

Nothing paints the picture better than sunny, cheery pops of color to trigger that carefree summer feeling. Look for places around the house to incorporate playful patterns like colorful abstracts, florals, or fun colors like orange, yellow and green. Some ideas around the house to infuse the pops of color are tablecloths, dishes, art prints, duvet covers, and pillows.

Summer color scheme ideas:

  • Nautical - blue and white stripes
  • Patriotic - red, white and blue
  • Beachy - coral, white and turquoise
  • Seashore - whites, cool blues and greens


2. Add some life!

Cat in window with summer flowers

Another way to infuse summer into various parts of the home is by adding colorful flowers, greenery and fruit.

Some ideas:

  • Fresh flowers - warm colors like yellow, orange and pink
  • Greenery - bright greens, tropical leaves and ferns
  • Bowl of citrus - colorful oranges, lemons and limes in a bowl on the countertop
  • Succulents - add a succulent centerpiece to the coffee table


3. Frame vacation photos

Print and frame snapshots from a favorite summer vacation.  Having that vacation reminder on display will conjure up fond summertime memories!  Or print a top summer travel destination on your wishlist for inspiration.


4. Spice up your dinner table

Outdoor dining

Adding color to your dining table is another easy way for a summer home makeover.

Some ideas to incorporate and combine for a summer table makeover:

  • Add a colorful table cloth, runner or cloth napkins
  • Colorful serving or accent dishes
  • Trade in water glasses for fun cocktail glasses or goblets
  • Add colorful straws and drink umbrellas to lemonade (or cocktails!)


5. Candle scents with summer vibes

Fresh flowers and candle

Trade in vanilla and floral springtime candles for more summery scents like citrus, cucumber lemon and salty ocean breeze. 


6. Bring the beach home!

Add seashells to glass candle holders, scatter on a table runner or coffee table. Large coral accent pieces can also make a big statement!


7. Brighten up walls with colorful art

Coastal sunset wall art in living room

Swap out small prints around the house with bold, colorful art prints. 

Click here for summer art print inspiration!


8. Create an outdoor living space

Outdoor patio lounge

Create a lounge-like space for a relaxing evening under the stars.

If you don't have outdoor furniture, bring some indoor furniture outdoors!  Benches and chairs can be draped with blankets to create a comfortable lounge feel. Bring out some large pillows, floor pillows or even an ottoman for the evening! 

If you have a patio set, dress it up with a summery table cloth, lanterns, candles and flowers.


9. Light up the night!

Outdoor party with market lights

Create the ultimate outdoor summer night ambience with string lights, paper lanterns, or tiki torches.  The glow of the lights encourages outdoor dinner parties to linger well into those long summer nights.


10. Fireplace makeover

Fireplace with plants on the mantle

Though we adore fireplaces, summer is not their season!  For a lighter feel, you can swap out wood for candles or stage potted plants around the fireplace. Another options is to rearrange furniture to draw focus away from the fireplace and towards windows or brighter parts of the room.



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