Diego Lapetina

"The Ram Falls holding true to it is counterpart in the animal kingdom it is a powerful and beautiful waterfall located in Alberta, Canada. This well-hidden location requires a 40-mile drive through bendy, bumpy, dusty, narrow roads that are primarily used by the logging industry. I can assure you one thing; these roads were not designed for travelling with small SUVs.

To capture this waterfall during the sunrise, I had to drive to the trail head during the night. I braved the curves and drifts with the full moon as my only source of light; the sense of freedom that came with being entirely disconnected from the world soon turned to apprehension about being completely separated from society and without cellphone service for eventual emergency cases. But all the worries melted away as soon as I arrived at trail head and could see the moonlit waterfall. The water mist falling over my skin made me connect with nature, and the night before capturing this image was filled with anticipation. When morning came and the scene presented itself, I could hardly believe my fortune, the leaves shone bright as gold when lit by the warm rays of sun. Many people believe that beauty should be eternal, but I think beauty comes from the transient nature of life and for that I say, let it fall."

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