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Our gallery represents multiple Fine Art Photographers with a range of styles, sizes, media options and price ranges.  We love supporting local businesses, which is one of the reasons we primarily work with San Diego photographers. Each photographer we work with has the highest quality standards and oversees the production of each order.  

Customizable Options:

One of the wonderful things about Fine Art Photography is that each edition is made to order, giving the customer freedom to choose preferred media, size, and finishing options (framed, frameless, float frame, etc) to suit their individual taste and space.  Each piece of Fine Art Photographic Art that we sell is archival and meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Read more about our Quality Promise here.

Decor Styles:

The pieces in our collections are suitable for multiple decor styles, with an emphasis on Contemporary, Coastal, Modern, Industrial and Traditional.  Themes and styles we represent include Ocean, Coastal, Beach, Surf, Abstract, Landscape, Black & White, European Travel and Architecture.  

Streamlined Process:  

The gallery serves as a one-stop shop for furnishing your clients’ home or business with all of their art needs, big or small.  We’ve got your walls covered, whether it is curating a cohesive collection of 24x36” pieces throughout the space or a custom 80” canvas piece for a statement wall.  We strive to provide a high level of professionalism and consistency and handle all the communication with the photographers as well as the ordering details and delivery logistics.

Personalized Digital Gallery:  

We work with you to create a personalized digital gallery of images for your client’s consideration based upon decor style, color, medium, budget and/or other parameters.  Upon request, we will also provide jpegs of each artwork being considered for use in digital mock-ups for the client.


We implement each photographers’ individual pricing structures at the gallery and do not mark up their work.  We value our relationships with each photographer we work with and have fair compensation structures in place.  Shop our website to get an idea of the pricing range of individual pieces of artwork.

We also work with a local professional art installation company, whose fees we also do not mark up. Final invoices will include the cost of the artwork, foam-lined art packaging and delivery (if applicable) and professional art installation fees.

Contact Us!

We would love to work with you on your next interior design project!  If you would like to get in touch, email Michelle & Kelsey at or call 619-516-8186.

Artwork Sizing Chart

Artwork Sizing Chart