About Us

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Who we are

A curated online collection of fine art photography based out of sunny San Diego. The online gallery is an extension of MK Envision Galleries brick and mortar gallery. Unfortunately due to difficulties in 2020, the physical gallery is now closed, but its spirit and beautiful collections live on through mkenvision.com.


What sets us apart

Personal involvement. Having run a fine art gallery in San Diego for 5 years, we personally handled the artwork, formed relationships with our customers in person and worked directly with each represented photographer.

Quality. Each art print we sell is gallery quality and considered archival - created with care to last a lifetime!

Customer Service. When you contact us you are reaching a small team dedicated to providing you with the best customer service, from assistance selecting the right artwork for your space, to the ordering process, and delivery updates. 

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Our Story

What began as a shared entrepreneurial spirit in a college business class for Michelle and Kelsey, evolved into a mission driven concept to create a business that inspires people to leave the world better than they found it. About ten years and 500 notebooks full of business ideas later, the duo teamed up with their third business partner and mentor to create MK Envision Galleries (est. 2016).
They selected photography as the channel to demonstrate their appreciation of the earth’s beauty.  Photographic imagery has the power to speak to people on a deep and profound level and is a medium that people can easily connect to, whether it is a powerful waterfall or an abstract ocean wave.
Now a big part of MK's mission is telling the stories of the photographers they represent. Each purchase directly supports their careers, their passions for nature and the creation of more stunning captures of the awe-inspiring world around us.


Artwork Sizing Chart

Artwork Sizing Chart