Art Consulting - Residential

Art gallery consulting with customer


Our team is pleased to offer Art Consulting Services for residential homes.  We will work with you to guide you in selecting the perfect photographic fine art for your home!



We will schedule a phone consultation with one of our gallery curators to discuss your parameters such as style preference, location in the home, selecting the right medium, size constraints, budget, and any other relevant details.


Personalized Gallery

After the phone consultation, our curators will email you a personalized gallery of images based on your style preferences and parameters.



When the final round of artwork has been narrowed down, we encourage you to send us photographs of your wall space so we can create "mock-ups" of the artwork in your home.  Our customers find this very helpful in making their final selections.


Professional Art Installation

We will provide a quote for professional art installation.  We work with a trusted art installation company which ensures your artwork is installed properly and safely.  If you choose to use our installation company, we also handle all aspects of scheduling and coordinating the artwork transportation and installation.


How to Get Started

Submit our Residential Art Consultation Request Form and we will contact you within one business day to schedule a phone consultation.



Contact Us

We are pleased to answer any questions you may have: 619-516-8186