Diego Lapetina

"Landscape photography heavily relies on serendipity. A photographer can research locations, plan trips, check weather’s forecast, and drive for miles to capture the perfect image. But unfortunately, all this work can be render worthless if nature decides not to cooperate with the photographer. I have lost count of how many of my photography expeditions went wrong due to poor weather. Landscape photographers need to be lucky and hope that all the factors will eventually align perfectly, thus creating the perfect moment.

During a bright sunshine afternoon of summer, I decided to test my luck and drive from Jasper National Park to Crescent Falls. To arrive at this waterfall, I had to cross the Icefields Parkway, probably the most scenic highway in Canada. The drive in itself was worth the trip, the winding roads revealing and hiding the majestic Rocky Mountains like a perfectly written symphony provides moments of magic throughout. If you are really fortunate, as I was on this particular drive, nature may even provide opportunities to stop and observe the bears and mountain goats in their natural habitat.

Arriving at final destination, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place and quickly started to scout for possible locations to capture the next morning’s sunrise. I kept walking for hours, jumping over the tree logs, sliding down muddy hills, and eventually I stumbled upon this location as the sun started to dip behind the mountains. At that moment, I was feeling extremely lucky to have found the perfect place to capture the most beautiful sunset. As life goes, some of our most memorable and cherished moments are as a result of serendipity."

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