About Maryanne McGuire





Artist Statement

"As a fine art and travel photographer, my goal is to share captured moments of light and life in glorious locations to encourage people to take flight. For art to really live, beyond the image on paper, you have to understand its spirit. I’m addicted to discovering new secrets in historic places. Sexy, gritty, intoxicating.

I custom print each image in my studio on museum fine art archival paper. Then I enhance the images by using an encaustic process. This method refers to applying hot beeswax over a photographic image. The base materials used in encaustic work is a combination of beeswax and Damar Resin.

After applying the wax and resin, I paint on top of the wax with pastels to further enhance my photographs to look more like paintings. Beeswax and resins are ancient ingredients from nature, I blend old and new to create an original work of art. The vintage hues and textures reflect the life- force of the architecture and the history of the locations.

This technique is a perfect match with my classic style of photography. I’m attracted to the form and elegance of objects when they’re balanced. I love the feeling of waiting for that perfect moment, flawless lighting, then pressing the shutter to steal away a thrilling experience that I can share with others."


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