About Lee Sie


About Lee

Lee uses digital photography to help express his artistic vision of the natural world. He is happiest in his element, shooting alone, outdoors--taking in the sky, the surroundings, all the colors and forms. He captures the raw material. Then later, through the digital process, it is finessed into images that transcend simple representation and become works of art that he hopes people will find moving, inspiring and noteworthy.

Lee Sie was born in Utrecht Netherlands, grew up in Northern California and now resides in San Diego. Each location had a vastly-different look and feel and influenced his aesthetic in some ineffable way. Simple changes such as weather and seasons can transform a place in ways that the imagination cannot. Sie has always been fascinated by the variations provided by nature. According to the photographer, nature's set and lighting designers are always at work and it's his honor to work with them. Lee Sie's photographs reflect his abundant respect and love of nature.  


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