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Artist Statement

My name is Vincent Darmohusodo, a local photographer based in Encinitas, CA. As a child growing up in Indonesia, I was always in love with ocean and nature. I now live in Encinitas, CA and my passion with both of them continues through surfing and photography. I wish to share some of my favorite photos I have taken the last several years between my hometown of Encinitas and my travel back to my root in Indonesia and a few places in between.

I want to share my photography in a different and unique way. While most print their photos on different mediums such as canvas, metal, wood, and acrylic, I have decided on a different method. Instead, of printing them, I specialize in transferring my photography work on recycled wood. I literally transfer the ink from a paper print to the wood surface. The process is entirely handmade. Each item is unique and has its own characteristic from the transfer process as well as the wood material itself. Using old recycled wood as my medium really adds another layer of character to the finished product. In the end, it is more than just photography. It is photography art.


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