Photographic Art Submission Guidelines:

We accept submissions from landscape photographers based out of San Diego county.  If you believe you are a good fit with MK Envision Galleries’ vision and are interested in submitting your work for review, see below for submission guidelines.



Now accepting submissions for 2018 installments.  


  • 4-6 images
  • Artist Statement


  • Must be based out of San Diego or have been part of the San Diego community for a significant amount of time.
  • Must be a landscape photographer.
  • Must be limited edition prints and be able to provide Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Must have a cohesive body of work.  Finalists will be asked to submit a 15-20 piece sample exhibit.  
  • Each image must have minimum printing size of 16x24 inches.


  • List any past experience exhibiting in galleries, Art Fairs, or other public exposure.
  • Questions if not addressed in Artist Statement:
    • How would you describe your style/technique?
    • What underlying message do you wish to convey as an artist to your viewers/collectors?


Send submissions to  MK Envision Galleries will review submissions at the close of the current submission period.  Thank you for your interest in partnering with MK Envision Galleries!

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