Diego Lapetina

"Patricia Lake is an iconic spot at Jasper National Park Canada. This lake is located a few miles away from the city of Jasper and it can be easily accessed by car. The Pyramid Mountains in the background, the greenery, and the reflections on the lake contributed to make this place one of the most popular destination for tourists and photographers alike.

I have visited this location innumerable times and it never failed to surprise me with all different types of scenery. I was lucky to see many unforgettable purple sunsets here. In this same spot I also saw the purple and green lights of the Aurora Borealis reflecting in the calm waters of this magical lake. This particular image was captured during a cold spring morning. The rolling clouds eventually opened in the horizon thus revealing the golden lit mountains in the background. In that instant, my dream of a living in the perfect moment became a reality and luckily, I was able to eternalize it in this capture."

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