Diego Lapetina

"Jacques Lake is a hidden gem at Jasper National Park Canada. This idyllic location is well hidden in the middle of the Canadian Rockies and accessing it requires a 12 miles hike. I remember arriving at trailhead, it was a scorching day with very few clouds ornamenting the sky. After packing all my camera and camping gear, I was ready for the task ahead and nothing could stop me except the rather big black bear located a few feet away from the trailhead. The big fellow was feasting there for about an hour and when the day got too hot, he decided to go back into the bushes. With no signs of wildlife nearby, I was finally able to start my hike at 11am. In all honesty, walking the 12 miles carrying a 70lbs backpack during a 100°F day proved to be harder than previously expected, but such is the life of landscape photographers.

Upon arriving at campsite, the trees opened and I could finally see the lake and the mountains. A fresh breeze welcomed my aching body and I was immediately immersed into this feeling of exhilaration. After pitching my tent and eating my early dinner, I went exploring the surrounding with the intend of finding the perfect location to capture my sunset picture. The reflection of the mountains in the lake, the fast-moving clouds, and strong guiding lines made this location the perfect spot for my capture. While waiting for the perfect light, I kept reflecting on how lucky I was to be able to explore nature and to capture this moment."

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